Adding clean and renewable energy to the grid

We are committed to powering our business with 100% clean and renewable energy. In 2015, we exceeded our goal of reaching 25% clean and renewable energy in our data center electricity supply mix. Building on that success, we doubled our target and expanded its scope— we are now aiming to have at least 50% clean and renewable energy in our company-wide energy mix in 2018.

We power our data centers in Luleå, Sweden, Altoona, Iowa, and Fort Worth, Texas, with 100% clean and renewable energy as tracked by renewable energy certificates. We are actively pursuing renewable energy options in the other regions where we operate data centers.

In Altoona, we worked with the local utility and a local developer to add 140 megawatts (MW) of new renewable energy to the grid. That’s enough energy to power more than 40,000 average Iowa homes. We’ll power all our most recently announced data centers in Ireland, New Mexico, Denmark, and Nebraska with 100% clean and renewable energy.

Access to cost-effective renewable energy is one of our primary site-selection criteria. Unfortunately, procuring such energy solutions is more difficult than it should be — not just for us but for other companies too. That’s why, as we work with utilities and developers to help bring additional sources of clean and renewable energy online to power our data centers, we also openly share our “playbook” and work to make our developments replicable by other companies. It’s also why we are working with an NGO-led coalition called the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance that identifies barriers to companies buying clean energy and systematically removes them.