Adding clean and renewable energy to the grid

We are committed to powering our operations with 100% clean and renewable energy. We exceeded our goal of reaching 50% clean and renewable energy in 2017 – a year earlier than we targeted. Building on that success, we are now aiming for 100% across all facilities, including office and data centers — our goal is to be at 100% renewable energy in our company-wide energy mix by the end of 2020.

All of the data centers Facebook has built are now contracted for 100% clean and renewable energy, and when data center construction is complete those renewable resources will be located in the same state or power grid as the data center itself.

Our renewable energy approach has been diverse and customized for each market that we enter. In Europe, we contracted for the largest wind energy procurement by a corporate customer to support our data centers in Luleå, Sweden, and Odense, Denmark. In Iowa, we worked with the local utility to add wind energy projects to their portfolio in a way that benefits all of the utility’s customers while providing power to our data center. In Nebraska, we worked with the local utility on a new tariff structure that allows us to purchase wind from a brand new local project. We’ve also developed market approaches in the southeast United States that will enable hundreds of megawatts of new solar projects to be developed for our Georgia and Alabama data centers – a region that had previously seen slow solar construction.


Access to cost-effective renewable energy is one of the primary factors used in selecting our data center locations. That can be challenging in many locations due to the existing regulatory and market structures. We want to increase the development of renewable energy resources, and those resources should be as accessible as possible to as many customers as possible. That’s why we work extensively with other companies, renewable developers, and utilities to design optimal solutions in the different locations where we operate. This includes working to add renewable energy to the utility’s resource mix and to implement new renewable energy tariffs — tariffs that are accessible not just to Facebook, but to other companies as well so that we can all work to grow the market for clean energy. It’s also why we joined the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance, a coalition that works to identify and remove barriers to buying clean energy, and RE100, a collaborative, global initiative uniting more than 100 influential businesses committed to 100% renewable electricity.