Building the most efficient data centers on Earth

Facebook’s data centers are among the most advanced, energy-efficient data centers in the world.

Several years ago, we designed and constructed a new data center that was 38% more energy efficient and cost 24% less to build and run than a traditional data center. Then we shared the designs with the world and launched Open Compute Project, the world’s first open hardware movement. Every data center we’ve built since features increasingly efficient and scalable technology infrastructure. Wherever possible, we’re powering them with clean and renewable energy.

Our infrastructure team engineered these efficiencies, rethinking every aspect of the data center from how each technology component is designed and networked together to the design and construction of the buildings themselves.

Powering our data centers with clean and renewable energy

We’re laser-focused on greening our own energy supply, but we also recognize that the world needs far more clean and renewable energy. Access to cost-effective renewable energy is one of the primary criteria used in selecting our new data center locations. As we find ways to power our operations with clean and renewable energy, we share what we learn and collaborate with others to grow the renewable energy market.
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